Discusses "Woodstock For Cloud Developers"

We wouldn’t count on there being any legendary musical acts, and for the sake of not seeing attendees get arrested en masse, we hope there won’t be much drug use.  But provided some details about an event called Cloudstock today, and claimed it’ll amount to Woodstock for cloud developers.

To first cover the basics: Cloudstock will occur on Monday, December 6th in San Francisco, where Salesforce will also be holding the Dreamforce 2010 cloud computing event.  More than 60 different sorts of sessions are scheduled, and 3,000 developers have already ensured that Cloudstock’s sold out (although it’s technically free).

Otherwise, Salesforce said in a statement, “Adobe, Amazon Web Services,, eBay, Engine Yard, Google, Heroku, 10gen/MongoDB, OnLive, PayPal, ProgrammableWeb,, SimpleGeo, Twilio, VMware, and Yahoo! Developer Network are among the top cloud computing technology providers and developer communities that are participating.”

Also, Heather Harde, the CEO of TechCrunch, said, “It’s great to see host an open forum for cloud-based innovation and to embrace community participation through its hackathon.”

So this should be quite an event in its own, quieter-than-the-original-Woodstock way.  Here’s hoping everyone has fun.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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