Rounding Edges of a Image

Today I’m going to show you how to round the edges off of any image, it will make it look smoother and will fit in nicely with mainly anything. Here is an example:


Now this is a pretty easy tutorial, so you should be able to follow it pretty easily…

Step 1. Chose your image, I chose the one above for mine.

Step 2. Select quick mask underneath the two colour boxes.

Step 3. Grab the rectangle tool and set the radius to about 7px, make sure to type ‘px’ after words.

Step 4. Drag the tool around the edges and then uncheck the quick mask.

Step 5. Finally, press delete on the section to have rounded off edges. This will give you that smooth and easy on the eyes look.

If you need any help with this tutorial, post a comment!

Cheers, SV

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