RockYou Expands Deal Reach

When it comes to Facebook developers, RockYou’s a big name, almost always managing to stand out among its peers.  Only now RockYou will also be aiding other developers as it helps them integrate Deal of the Day in their games.

If you haven’t heard of Deal of the Day (or DOTD, as it’s also known), RockYou explained in a statement emailed to DevWebPro, “DOTD is the industry’s first brand-sponsored in-game advertising unit that enables gamers to engage with an advertiser’s brand in exchange for virtual currency.”

Then another key point is that, “Unlike offers that require e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and even credit card information, DOTD presents opportunities to engage with brands – for example, by watching 15- 30 second videos, completing short polls, or playing mini-games.”

So this could represent a way of monetizing Facebook apps that everyone, from the average developer to the average player, is pretty much okay with.

Let’s hope the initial round of collaborations goes well and merits an expansion.

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By Doug Caverly

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