Robot Bug Photo Manipulation

In this photoshop tutorial I will take a regular picture of a bug and add mechanical parts to it to make it look like a robot bug.

First I will gather the materials


Hydraulic Part

Mechanical parts

PCB Board

Save all those images or gather your own and I will walk you through the process I will take.

Start a new document and the size I will use is 497X512px. I chose a bigger size than the bug so I have some room to move some stuff around.

Open the bug picture and cut your bug out so there is no white space around it. I just used the magic wand tool set to 20 tolerance.

Once you do that place it in your new document

Next I am going to cut the bottom torso of the bug in half so I can spread it
apart and place the mechanical parts inside it.

I used the pen tool to make the selection

Cut that part of and paste it back in the document and place it similar to this

Do the same to the other side

I will go ahead and do the easiest stuff first.

Open your mechanical parts picture and put it in the document underneath all of your other layers and size it down to fit right in the opening we made.

Use an eraser brush to remove the excess of the mechanical parts image

Now I will open my hydraulic part and start cutting parts of it off to place where the bugs legs are.

Firs I will cut off the bottom portion of the hydraulic part

Next I will place it in my image and fit it over top of the top left leg. Before I size the part down I duplicated it and hid it for a backup copy to use on the other legs.

Next I will go ahead and place that part around all the legs.

Now I am going to copy the metal pole in between the other parts of the hydraulic image

Place that where all the arms go until they bend and then I will place the other
hydraulic part there

Now I will place the other hydraulic part after the metal bars I added

Now I will finish the legs up by adding the little metal parts again to make the feet of the legs

Ok done with that so erase all the legs off of the bug and move the bug layers above the hydraulic layers

Now open your PCB Board image and cut out parts of that to put over top of your bug so it looks electronic.

Once I placed the image I cut out above the head I used the ctrl+click on the layer icon to make a selection around the head and then got rid of the excess.

After that set the layer to soft light. I am just trying to give the bug a subtle
electronic look. Next do the same method with the wings. Here is what I got

My last final touch is to add a shadow right above the electronic parts inside the bug because the wings would technically have a shadow. I will just create a new layer above the electronic parts and use a soft brush to make a shadow

And Now you are done! Here is my final version

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