Resident Evil Wallpaper

I recently picked up Resident Evil 5 for my PS3. While I love the game I miss the Mansion an The Umbrella Corp. So Today we will be creating an omage to the old school games.

Open a New Document at 1600×1200 and fill it with black. Then open you blending option and Select Gradient Overlay Set the Starting color to #b1b1b1 and the ending color to #505050

Now we are going to create a new pattern. Open a new document that is 100×100 with a transparent background. Then Take your Eliptical Marquee Tool and make a circle selection in the center of the document that is 20×20. Hold Shift while you drag to make a near perfect circle. Once you have the selection fill it with #333333. Finally add an inner shadow Set the distance to 2, the choke to 0, and size to 1. Hit enter.

Once you have the first you need to duplicate the layer CTRL+J. Once you have the layer duplcated move the new circle to the left so there is a 4 pixel space between each. Then do the same this time on the right. Now take the middle and Left circle and duplicate those layers. This time move them above the original row with a 2 pixel space and center them them. Do the same to make the lower row. You should have something like below:

Using the Move Tool Drag out some guide to the center points of the circle in the top and bottom rows. Once you have those guides take your Rectangular Marquee Tool and Make a selection of the inner rectangle. Finally Go to Edit > Define Pattern and name it Mesh and hit OK. You can close that document now.

Now back to our main document make a new layer and fill it with black. Set the layer fill to 0%. Then go to the Blending Options and Select Pattern Overlay and choose the pattern we just made. Then Set the scale to 50% and hit OK.

Now back to our main document make a new layer and fill it with black. Set the layer fill to 0%. Then go to the Blending Options and Select Gradient Overlay and Choose Black to Transparent. Then reverse the gradient, set the Style to Radial, and the Scale to 125% and hit OK.

Using and older Resident Evil Arm wallpaper we are going to add some dramatic effect to our wallpaper. Either you can search for it on Google or right click and download it Here. Once you have the file downloaded open it in PhotoShop and Drag it into our wallpaper. Move the new layer under the radial gradient. Select your magic wand tool and select the black area and hit your delete Key. this will delete the excess black . Then CTRL+click the Arm layer and go to Select > Modify > Feather make the feather about 5 – 10 pixels and hit OK. Finally, cut the image to a new layer and delete the layer below it.

Use CTRL+J to duplicate the arm layer. Then go to Edit > Transform > Flip horizontal and line the new layer to the left side of the wallpaper.

Now we are going to add a Blood splatter under the left set of hands. The best blood brushes can be found at Deviant Art if you do not want to try and make your own. The Brush set I used you can download Here. Using “Blood 4” make a new layer, set your Foreground color to #5b1a1a make the blood splatter. Set the Layer Blend to Overlay and move the layer under the left set of hands

Now we are going to create the Umbrella Logo. Using the Pen Tool. Make a Selection like below:

Once you have your selection make a new layer and fill the selection with black. Duplicate the layer and flip it horizontally. Make sure there is a 40 pixel space between the 2 point Hit CTRL+E to merge the layers. Again Duplicate the layer and go to Edit > Transform > Rotate 90° CW. Hit enter. Again merge the layers. Now set the layer fill to 0%. Go to the Blending Option and select Stroke Set the Size to 6 pixel, Position to Inside, and the Color to White.

Duplicate the layer Set the Fill to 100% and remove the stroke. Now make sure you Foreground and backgrond are set to White and Black Respectively. Then go to Filter > Render > Clouds and hit OK. Hit CTRL+F till you are happy with look.

Now To finish the Umbrella Logo we need to Duplicate the Stroke and Cloud Layers. Select both layers in the layer pallette, Right click and choose Duplicate layers. Once They are copied go to Edit > Transform > Rotate. Rotate the new layer 45° and hit enter. Now go to the second white stroke and change the color to red in the blending option. Finally Set your foreground and background to Red and Black. This Time Go to Filter > Render > Difference Clouds and Hit OK. Hit CTRL+F till you are happy with look.

Select All the Umbrella Layers and Hit CTRL+E to merge them. Then CTRL+Click to make a Selection. Make two new layers with the selection Fill one with White and the other with Black. Set the White layer fill to 10%. Then Move the Blacklayer under your Umbrella Logo. The go to you blending Options and select Drop Shadow. Set the distance to 0, The Spread to 25, and the Size to 45 and Hit OK.

Lastly download the Resident Evil font here. Using that font add the Phrase “Our Business Is Life Itself”. Set the Color to White and the Font size to 100. And you are Done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you would like to share the version you created fill free to drop a link to it in the comments and I will add it to the User Submitted Section under the main Tutorial.

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