Remove Freckles and Blemeshes with Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you some really easy techniques to remove freckles and blemeshes from a photo using blurring, blending modes, and layer masks.

Go from this

to this

First save this picture and open it in photoshop

Then duplicate the layer and hide one so you have a backup copy.

Now on your image add lens blur by going to filter>>blur>>lens blur and use these settings

Here is what that looks like

Now duplicate your original layer that has freckles and move it above your blurred layer.

Add a layer mask to it by hitting the layer mask icon or by going to Layer>>Layer Mask>> Reveal All

Once you do that a little icon will pop up beside your layer

Now grab a soft brush with the color black and I am using the size 35px.

Now zoom in and paint away all the freckles. Try to leave some of her facial lines in tact.

If you mess up and remove something you don’t want removed just hit x on your keyboard to make your foreground color white and you can paint back in what you removed.

Here is what I have after I am done removing the freckles

I think that looks pretty good but I think it looks a bit too fake for my liking. So all I will do is dupliate the original layer again and move it right below the layer with the mask.

Now I will just use a large eraser brush and erase certain parts of the image and leave a few of the freckles so it does not look totally fake. I will use a 65px soft brush for this.

And here is my final image

Thanks for reading!

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