Realistic Tattoo Using Warp Tool

Today we are going to add realistic Tattoos to a person using the Warp Tool. Here is the before and after of this Technique.

To start download AssetMale here. This Image will serve as your base layer.

Next download Asset01 here and add it to your base image. This Dragon will be used as the Bicep Tattoo. Now Make a Selection of the white space. Right click to select similar.

Hit Delete to remove the white around the tattoo. Then scale the dragon down to fit over the Bicep. Next go to Edit > Transform > Warp. Now you will beable to warp the tattoo on the guys arm like below.

The Warp will look pixelated until you are happy with the shape. Hit enter to commit the warp. Now set the layers fill to 0%. Then open the blending Options and add a Color Overlay. Set the Mode to Darken Color and set the color to #090a34.

Next Make a Selection of the Tattoo.

Now that you have your selection go to the base layer and copy the selection to a new layer. Move the new layer above the Tattoo and set the mode to Multiply.

Now you have learned to make a realistic looking Tattoo. This next part is Optional but will give you more practice with the method.

Download Asset02 here. This will serve as the tattoo for the side.

Follow the same steps as we did with the Bicep Tattoo and you should have this.

Now you are done. Below is another example of the same technique on an female subject.

Please feel free to add links to your versions and I will Post them so everyone can see.

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