Real World Shadow

This tutorial is going to show you how to create a Realistic Shadow for objects in Adobe Photoshop. The final result can be seen below:

First: Select the Magic Wand Tool (W) within your tool palette

Select the white space, use Shift to add parts:

Second: Invert the selection: Go to Select > Inverse
Cut and Paste (Ctrl+X to cut, Ctrl+V to paste). You will have a new layer:

Third: Make a new layer and call it Background, and fill the new layer with white.
In the Layer Blending option: Select Gradient Overlay and pick what ever gradient you like best. Fourth: Press Ctrl+D to Deselect all. Right click and Duplicate the Layer 1:
Double click on the new layer name to rename it: Shadow Fifth: With the new Shadow layer selected, choose Edit > Transform > Perspective.
Distort the image using the upper center point and press Enter to apply.
Choose Edit -> Free Transform (or press Ctrl+T), and Scale vertically using the upper center point (pressing Enter to apply)Sixth: Turn the shadow black using Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation: Set Lightness to -100

Blur the shadow using Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur: (set the Radius value between 3 and 6). Seventh: Drag the Shadow Layer below the Layer 1:
set Opacity to 60% (or less) Final result I hope this helps make your subject more realistic with this tool set.

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