Quickly And Easily Make a Holiday Ornament

In this tutorial I will show you a quick and easy way to create an ornament
in photoshop for the holidays.

Start 400X400px document and make the background black.

Get a dark red color as your foreground color and in a new layer fill up the canvas
with the paint bucket tool.

Now go to filter>>render>>lens flair. Choose 105mm Prime and 100%.

Click Ok then go to filter>>distort>>polar coordinates and choose polar
to rectangular

Flip it vertical then go back to filter>>distort>>polar coordinates and choose
rectangular to polar.

Now you should have a nice round looking shape.

Now take you elliptical marquee tool and cut out the ornament shape.

Paste it back in and delete the excess layer. I also resized the ball to make
it a little smaller.

I want the ornament to be a little more dark red so choose a red for your
foreground color and black as your background color. Now grab your gradient
tool and set it to radial.

Create a new layer and hold down control on your keyboard and click on the little
icon beside our ornament layer to make a selection around it.

Drag your gradient in the selection and leave until there is still a little black
around the edges.

Set that layer to soft light

I forgot a step that I did before the last one but it doesn’t matter the order.
So add a inner shadow to our ornament layer.

Ok next create a new layer above the others and use the holding down control and
clicking on the icon technique again to make a selection the size of our ornament.

Fill that layer with white.

Then take your elliptical marquee tool to cutoff part of the white shape
we have like this

Cut that off and set its opacity to 8 percent.

I am going to do the same to the bottom left.

Now in a new layer make a white rectangle behind all the other layers

Use your elliptical marquee tool to cutoff the top and make it look rounded.

Delete that and then add a gradient overlay in your blending options to this
layer. Try to make it blend in as good as possible with the ornament.

In a new layer above that add a little circle that fits in the cutout we made
and add a gradient overlay to it.

Next create a new layer and make an outline with your pen tool like this

Add this gradient overlay to that

Now it should look like this

That is about it, you can add some decorations with your brushes and the
little place for the hook so it can hang on the tree.

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