Quick Halloween Picture

Turn a normal picture into a Halloween image.

We will go from this plain picture to a fun Halloween picture:

Open your image.

Make a couple copies of the background layer.

On one layer, leave as is.

On the next, go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. Now set the opacity to between 50-60%. I did this so my picture had just a tad of color and wasn’t completely black and white.

On the third layer, take either the magnetic lasso or pen tool or whatever you wish and trace around the mouth, when you have it traced, right click and cut it. You can trash the original part of this layer and keep the mouth.

On mine, I wanted the lips a little more red so I played with the Brightness and Contrast, and the Color Balance.

Now, on a new layer, take your brush tool, pick a red color and draw a drip from her mouth.

Take your blur tool around the edges.

Now take your Burn tool and go over some of the drip.

Now take the Dodge tool, and make some parts lighter.

Let’s add effects.

Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow


You should have this:

Now for the eyes.

Take one of your lasso tools, I used the polygonal this time, and go around one of the eyes.

Now go to Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer at the bottom of your layers palette and click Color Balance.

Obviously, just slide your color over to red. And just duplicate this layer and move it to the other eye.

Another way to do the eyes is simply by creating a new layer with two ovals and making them red, then reduce the opacity, either way works.

Lets add something to the background. A spider web would work. For this I just took a picture of a web…

…and moved it to my picture I am working on. I reduced the opacity to about 7%. Yours might be different, I just wanted a hint of it. And for me, the easiest way to do this was to just erase the parts that covered my main picture.

That leaves me with this:

I went back through with the Burn and Sharpen tools on her lips to roughen them up some.

You might even want to add a spider:

Or, since she does have blood dripping, we could add some fangs. To do this, I took a picture of vampire teeth…

…and cropped them out, and fitted them to her mouth. I erased enough where they looked somewhat rounded to fit her. Instead of having them bright white, I added a yellow and white gradient overlay.

Also, I used my Blur and Burn tools around the teeth to make them look a little better since her mouth isn’t open.

Next, I added some red eyeshadow. I just wanted a slight color above her eyes. So, on a new layer, I took a Soft Round Brush, painted her eyelids red, and lowered the opacity to around 10%.



The full view:

If you want you can add the spider:

And a red or black stroke:

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