Q&A Webmasters Video With Google’s Matt Cutts

Google’s in-house SEO expert Matt Cutts had a live YouTube Q&A session with webmasters on 21st September. The 45 minutes session focussed on how to search with YouTube live streaming.  

It was praised and appreciated by the ones who attended it, as they look forward to utilize what they learnt.

SEO expert Matt Cutts

All those who missed the live streaming can see the video here:

This was the second such live session by Matt, the first happened in March.

Matt has said that it was the level of response drawn by the last session that motivated him to go for another session. That video had a viewership of 1 million. He was also thrilled to see that it was covered by the Dutch daily Trouw.


Matt Cutts has indicated that he will love to go for more such sessions, with ‘Hangouts On Air’ of Google+ may becoming the platform next time.

See the forum discussion on Google+.


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