Puzzle Effect

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a unique way of showing your pictures that looks like a puzzle. Here is a snapshot of the tutorial:

First open up Photoshop and upload a picture, the picture I choose was this.

Now make a new layer.

Then select the Custom Shape Tool.

Then choose one of the puzzle pieces.

Now holding Shift make a nice sized puzzle piece.

Now duplicate your picture and go back to the puzzle then hold Ctrl and click on the puzzle piece layer.

Then right click and click on Select Inverse and hit delete.

Now you will have a puzzle piece of a portion of your picture.

It should look like so.

Now go to the white puzzle piece and move it somewhere else and do the same thing as above.

After you do it once more it should look like this.

Now keep doing this basically until the whole image is made by puzzle pieces or you can do just a small portion of the image you want done.

You may want to make some of the puzzle pieces underneath of the existing pieces just to make it look like a pile of puzzle pieces.

And when you are finished individual go to every layer and just start to move them randomly, but not to far.

And you are finished this unique effect.

Here is my result

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