Protect & Charge Mobile Phones with Case-Mate Products

At CES 2010, WebPronews got to check out the new and innovative products that Case-Mate had on display.

The first product WebProNews looked at was a case with a battery inside of it, which offers users 3-5 days of power without charging their phone. Case-Mate also created a lighter version, so that you can charge your phone when you are on the go. These battery cases can be used as protective cases as well.

The second product is the customized case. This allows users to go online and actually create and customize the look of their phone covers, using work from digital artists.

Next is a nifty idea called the id case, which can hold your license or credit cards. So if you ever just want to leave your wallet or purse at home, you can take the id case and have everything you need with you.

The Hug device is a wireless way to charge your phone, without all the cords. It uses a primary and secondary coil to charge. This product makes it very convenient to charge your phone in your car, or wherever you may be.

And last is a go-Bare product, which is a clear film that you can put on your phone for protection from scratches and what not, without having to use a case.

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