How to Make a Profit During the Slow Economy.

The economy in most nations right now is slowing down, but how do you keep making a profit from your website during this time?  The last time the economy slowed down was during the Internet Bubble bust about 2000, and most websites didn’t survive during that time.  How can you make it through this tough time without going belly up?

First thing you should do is target your niche.  If you are an SEO based website, target SEO content.  If your site is about web design, target web design.  This is where web stats come in very handy.  The more you know about your visitors the better you can keep them coming back.  If you know that certain topics get more views on your site, you may want to keep making content that revolve around that topic.  While looking at your site’s stats, if you see that topics about cars have more page views than topics about dogs, then start making more post about cars, and less about dogs.  If you think that you have said everything you can about cars, start making content about the little things,  things you think everyone should know about.  Like why a 4-cylinder engine gets more miles per gallon then a 12-cylinder.

You can even use current events and tie them into your site.  Recently, the US held elections for a new president.  You can tie this into your site.  Sticking with the car theme, you may want to post how the new president’s policies will effect car manufactures.  Along with the current economic issue in Detroit, and the big car companies like GM requesting for a bail out, is a perfect time to talk about how you see the stance of the president elect.

Put a new twist on an old topic.  For graphic designers, you may have seen tons of tutorials on how to create a fade effect.  Well maybe you can do a twist on the effect where the gives the fade effect a deeper meaning then just a fade effect.  You may comment on why you like or hate the fade effect.  Just anything to spice up an old topic.

If you have not looked into it yet, think about using RSS feeds.  Most sites may already have RSS feeds in place, but start thinking of new ways to use them, or make them stand out more.  When you create a title for your post, make the title vivid and interesting.  Instead of using a generic title such as Top 10 best burgers, make the title something like Ten burgers you can’t live without.  With RSS Feeds, your titles have to get the reader’s attention very quickly.  Remember that most RSS feed readers will only glance over the titles of the feeds, so eye catching titles help you stand out.

Most of all, keep creating content.  The more content you have on your site the better chances you will get more page views.  Having a site that is not updated on a regular basis, means that you will lose page views.  Don’t let your site go stale.  Set a schedule for when you will update your site.  You may want to display this on your site, or you may not.  Some web comics will tell you when they plan on releasing new comics.  By doing this yourself, you will make for sure you have new content on your site.  The great thing about new content, not only will it keep visitors returning to your site, but you may also pick up new customers.  The question you should ask yourself is how often should you update your site with new content.  It can be different for every site.  It maybe once a week, or it maybe once an hour, depending on the site’s niche.  This may even change per site depending on what is happening in the niche.  If your site’s niche is about movies, you may want to have the site update every Monday or Tuesday, but during the “award season” you may update the day after the awards.  In this situation, you may want to try to post as quickly as you can.  Maybe even have a special event during the awards where you create content every few awards about who won the award, and your feelings about the outcome.

These tips will not cover you completely from being effected by the slow economy, but it will allow you to bear the slow down some.

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