Prepare for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Tomorrow marks the official release date of Snow Leopard, and now is as good a time to talk about what updates will becoming with the software. Then you can decide if all the new features are worth the $30 price tag.

Here’s a list of features that are provided by Snow Leopard:

– The ability to activate Expose’ from Dock

– Improvements in wake-up and shutdown functions

– Once installed, disk space will be provided back to you (around 7 GB)

– Newly enhanced 64-bit support. All of your system apps can take advantage of your Mac’s entire memory

– A new tool called Grand Central Dispatch which will provide better means to use multicore processors

– OpenCL which will utilize graphics processors in new and interesting ways.

– QuickTime X provides many new features to the video program. Including easier ways for uploading to YouTube

– New built-in technologies provide people with disabilities easier access to the Mac OS X.

Along with those features, Safari 4 will be included as well. The system improvements alone are worth the cost in this writer’s eyes. The other improvements are fluff, but depending on what you use your Mac for could be big improvements as well.

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