Power Support iPhone 3G Film Set Review

One thing that is especially nice about Power Support‘s screen protectors is that you have a choice – “Crystal” or “Anti Glare.” The names are pretty self explanitory, one shares the reflective, glossy screen properties of the naked iPhone screen and the other is an anti-glare matte film that blocks reflections. Most companies offer one or the other, so its nice to have a choice when you’re purchasing.

Power Support iPhone 3G Film Set

These are the “official” iPhone screen protectors, as far as Apple is concerned, because they sell them in Apple retail stores alongside the phones. For $15, you get a 2-pack of your choice of glossy or anti glare; as well as a “Pre-Installation” film that does a surprisingly good job of cleaning the screen.

I prefer the anti-glare. It has a very interesting feel, much smoother than the regular screen. Some swear by the glossier counterparts because they make the screen look more vivid, but I’m fine giving up a little sautration for anti glare and the silky feeling it gives the screen. It also does an excellent job of keeping finger prints off the screen, which is amazing if you’re like me and can’t stand smudges all over.

Its very effective – here’s a before/after comparison of the glare with and without a film.

Power Support iPhone 3G Film Anti Glare

If you’re using your phone outdoors, in bright light or anywhere reflections might be annoying, its a godsend. If you like to check your reflection in your screen, it may be problematic.

As far as quality goes, they’re well made. They were the leaders in front films for the original iPhone and my guess is that the manufacturing process hasn’t changed all that much since then. They aren’t total coverage (there is a little extra space on the sides and around the home button) but if you line it up right, you’re pretty much completely covered. The clarity on the glossy is excellent and very good on the anti-glare (which is to be expected).

Power Support iPhone Film

If you’re looking for a way to keep scratches, smudges and finger prints off your screen, the Power Support iPhone 3G films are an excellent way to do it. They’re available online and most likely at your local Apple store.

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