Posting An Embedded Video In WordPress

A client just asked me how to post a video into his WordPress blog. It’s a simple affair, once you know how to do it. And yes, you will have to look at the code, but just for a second.

It won’t bite, I promise.

You can watch this video, How to Add a Video to Your WordPress Blog, or read the brief description below.

Step 1: Grab the embed code. YouTube and other video sharing sites make it easy to grab the code that displays the video, often called the “embed code.” In the case of this client the video was from a segment on a local television show. Luckily, this show posted the video along with the embed code. You’ll want to copy that embed code to your clipboard.

Alert! After making this video I noticed YouTube has a new iframe embed code (pictured below). WordPress “cleaned up” that code. If this happens to you check the “Use old embed code” box on YouTube. More details below.

Embed Video in Your WordPress Blog

Step 2: Post the code into your WordPress blog post. First, determine where you’d like the video to be placed while looking at the Visual editor. If you’re not familiar with HTML code, you may want to create a placeholder by typing in something like “Video Goes Here” or “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”.

Then click on the “HTML” tab in the upper right hand corner so that you can view the HTML code.


Find your placeholder (if you made one) and copy and paste the embed code there. Switch back to the Visual tab and you should see a pale yellow box where your video will appear. If this doesn’t happen then try selecting the “Old Embed Code”.

Old YouTube Embed Code

That should do it! If you get the video going on your own blog, feel free to post a link below.

By Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is president of flyte new media, a Web site design and Internet marketing company in Portland, Maine. Flyte works with small businesses to build professional Web sites that often include e-commerce, Flash and content management systems. They promote their clients' sites through search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, business blogs and social media. You can follow him on Twitter at

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