Postcard Media Tutorial

Learn how to create a collage for a Postcard Media, as show below in the final preview:

Postcard Media Tutorial

Start off by making a rainbow either in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator – use the Pen Tool

Then you find an image of a house or building. Make a new layer and draw on top of it. At the end you should use the Dodge and Burn Tool to make shadows. Easy as that.

Get some splatter brushes and erase some of the house with the brush, but also paint extensions.

Go to and find some picture of something cool. I used a stereo stock.

Go into Illustrator and make some lines so it looks like they come out as if it is music coming out. Add splatter on the lower part of it.

Find some image of a butterfly or a bird or frog or another animal. Then render it (we dont want the whole forest – just the butterfly)

Go to again and find a picture of a keyboard and a picture of a camera. Cut them so they fit. Then erase some with splatter brushes.

Do the same thing but instead with a tv and a videotape. … Now our piece is starting to look good!

To the film industry I found a nice picture of a clapboard and added it – splattered it a bit 😀

Find some flowers and you cut them out like the butterfly, and add them in where they fit, as shown below:

Now I gave it some colors, try some gradient maps and blending modes.
Then I added some text, because it was meant to be a postcard 😉

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