April 28, 2016

Design a Cool Police Badge

Welcome to the tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how to make a very cool looking police badge.
You can see the result image below.
Police Badge Result Image


First of all, start by making a new document and filling the background with a dark brown-color.
The image size I used was 400 x 320 pixels and I filled the background with #221b0c.
You might want to add in a few nice details for the background, such as some light scanlines and a little bit of grunge-brushing.
Scanlines and Grunge Brushing


Find then get out the Custom Shape Tool.
Custom Shape Tool
After selecting the Custom Shape Tool, find and get out the following shape:
Custom Shape
You can find this badge shape in the “Symbols” set that comes with Photoshop.
So, after you’ve got the shape set, hold shift and draw the shape on the canvas, be sure you’re on a new layer.
Shape Drawn
Note that the color you use for the shape doesn’t matter.


After you’ve drawn your shape, right-click the layer and go into the Blending Options. Apply the following layer styles:

  1. Outer Glow
  2. Bevel and Emboss
  3. Gradient Overlay

And now you should have a result similar to this:

After Applying Layer Styles
Nice and shiny, huh? 😉

12 Comments on Design a Cool Police Badge

  1. mine did not turn out as good as this one, aslso i did not have the star or the badge in my custom shape tool so i had to find them on my own

  2. Nice tut, euhh I need you background pattern. But, i cannot download your Psd. Can you send me an e-mail, when it’ill be okay? Thanks

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