Polaroid Picture

We are making today a “polaroid picture” but this is the realistic version.


Before we start you’ll need a picture “any picture” I’m using my beautiful girlfriend’s picture “Ashley”
also make sure the image is about 300 x 300 no smaller.

1 – If you dont have your Photoshop open, please start it right now.
2 – Let’s get started off with a new canvas (width: 500px, height:500px), Resolution: 75, Background: White.

step 2

You should end up with a white plan background to begin with like the one below:


3 – For now lets go the easy way and just press “G” on your keyboard and also “D”.

step 3

4 – Then left click once on the “white plain background” it should become black.

5 – Hopefully everyone is still with me. 🙂 now go ahead and rename that layer “one”.


6 – Now create a new layer and name it “two”.


7 – Also you should changer yours color from black to white so go ahead and press “X”.

8 – Press “U” and create a 300 x 300 square box in the middle of the black canvas on layer “two”.


9 – Now lets go ahead now and make a new layer again and lets name this one “three”.

10 – Now create 3 grey bars at the side of the layer “two” with the rectangle tool “U”.


11 – Time to add outer glow to layer “three”, how? See image below.


12 – Now add these settings please below.


13 – So create a new layer and go ahead and name is “red”.

14 – Now you are going to drag layer “red” under layer “three” and merge (CTRL+E) both layers together.

15 – Now go for your “eraser tool” (E) after that then click on your “brush preset picker”, use the settings below. 🙂

15a 15b

16 – Now at the bottom of layer “red” erase it out, but not too much.


17 – It’s time for you to import your image into photoshop and before I put it in my canvas I want to edit it a little so it can look like a real “polaroid picture”.

18 – Drag the image onto your canvas and make sure it’s under layer “red”.

19 – Now if it’s needed you are gonna cut the layer to the size of the white background. See image below to see how it’s going to work.


20 – Now rename the layer with your image to “image one”.

21 – Create a layer one top of it can call it “grey”.

22 – Add a gray rectangle under the image layer about the same width using the rectangle tool (U).


23 – Now I wrote on mine, but you should have some thing like this:


24 – Im gonna go ahead and add a real “hard wood floor” to my background and blend it in a bit.


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