Pocket God Creators Interviewed

Earlier this week at Macworld, the iPhone game called Pocket God was voted the “Best App Ever.”  And developers who want to know what went into it were thrown a sort of bone as Pocket God’s creators, Dave Castelnuovo and Allan Dye, talked about their product.

A big part of how Pocket God got to where it is today relates to user involvement.  Apparently the first version of the game wasn’t popular.  So, as Philip Elmer-DeWitt wrote, Castelnuovo and Dye “promised to put out a new version.  Which they did the following week, incorporating some of their users’ suggestions and sending it back to Apple for approval.  They did it again the next week.  And the week after that, for 14 weeks straight.”

You might imagine that this would lead to a bland, unfocused app.  Or a sort of dead end, as some people called for more violence, some people called for less, and lots of other conflicts cropped up.

But as the runoff involving 300,000 people (or at least that many votes) determined, Pocket God is very fun to play.

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By Doug Caverly

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