Editing photos can be just about as fun as taking the photos themselves. The problem with photo editing software is that it can be a tad on the pricy side. There’s of course Photoshop which is about as expensive as it gets. Then at the other end of the spectrum are freeware programs like GIMP.

Pixelmator falls somewhere in betwee, at a price tag of $59.99. Also, it’s a much more simple program that a lot of other editing softwares out there.

What’s In The Box

Pixelmator Software



Very precise precision

Large selection of tools

Retouching Tools

Selection of filters and effects

Support of more than 100 files formats

What I like – Pixelmator is a program that focuses on one single task. This is great for people who really want a photo editing program, for simply doing that. The fact that it’s $59.99 and can do many of things Photoshop can do is a huge plus. I especially like the interface, as it boasts a very clean look. There are less amount of steps for simple edits compared to the larger photo editors.

What I Didn’t Like – While it has many options, it isn’t quite as robust as Photoshop is. But to be honest, that’s all the negatives I have to say for it.

Bottom Line – This is one amazing deal for $59.99. With a slick interface, and a large amount of editing options it makes you wonder how Photoshop is able to get away with charging so much. Just be sure that there are certain edit options you won’t need from Photoshop.

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