Photography Post work

In this tutorial I will teach you how to add to your photos to make them look better than ever. What I’m about to teach you could help you create a professional looking photo. This is also very good preparation for photo manipulations. So let’s get started, shall we?
To start out we need a photo of ours to edit and make better. For this I’m using a picture of Navy Pier in Chicago:

Now that we have our photo what we first want to do is sharpen it a bit. I tend to end up taking blurry pictures so I like to sharpen my pictures first thing. So make a new layer and then go to Image> Apply Image. Then go to Filter> Sharpen and sharpen it once. Then erase parts that don’t look good sharpened. This is my outcome so far:

Now that we have our picture sharpened we should edit the contrast and brightness. So go to image apply image and then go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness/Contrast. I didn’t edit my picture brightness or contrast very much because I already liked the look of it a lot. But I would just experiment and see what looks best for your picture. This is what my picture look like so far:

Alright now that we have that done we want to apply a gradient map. For mine I wanted to make it look a bit like it was getting close to dusk. So I am using a purple and orange gradient map but just experiment with you picture and see what looks good. After you pick your gradient map go to the opacity and set it anywhere from 5-25. Then erase any parts that don’t look good. This is my picture after that step:

Now here comes a really important step. Go to Image> Apply Image. Now go to Image> Adjustments> Shadow/Highlight. Mess around with the settings and until you come up with something you like. I changed my settings a lot but each picture is different, so see what’s best for you. This is my picture after that big change:

Those are the basics of photography post work. I would just experiment and see what else improves your picture. Once you do that add a border and you name and you’re done! Here’s my picture:

Hopefully yours turned out as good as mine.

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