Photography Enhancement 1

Here, I am going to show you how to create a professional quality photograph, from your every day picture.


There are a number of things that make a photograph stand out, these can be one of many things. Such as:

– Good Contrast
– Vibrant Colours

There are many other things, but these simple idea’s can come together to create a stunning picture.
Chapter 1:
A good picture is sometimes emphasised by its contrast, here we have 3 examples of what I mean:

Under contrasted:


Over contrasted:


These images both don’t look very realistic, that is because the contrast isn’t right. Here is how the picture should look:

Perfect Contrast:


Now, you are going to make your image well contrasted.

Step 1:

Take your image into a new document on your version of Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will be using Photoshop Elements 2.0.

Once your image is open, go to the top menu of Photoshop.

photoshop 1

Step 2:

Select “Enhance”, then “Brightness/Contrast”

photoshop 2

This menu will appear:

photoshop 3

Step 3:

Now, while looking at your picture in the background, adjust the “Contrast” slider upwards, until your picture is very clearly defined.

photoshop 4

Your picture is now well contrasted. Example:

photoshop 5

Chapter 2:

Your image is still looking a bit bland, here I will show you how to make the colors vibrant, which will make the whole picture look brighter.

Step 1:

Go to “Enhance”, then “Adjust Color”, then “Hue/Saturation”

photoshop 1 A

You will now get this menu up:

photoshop 2 A

Step 2:

Again, with your picture in the background adjust the “Saturation” slider until the colours look vibrant. However, don’t slide it too far to the right, or your picture will look very un-realistic.

Usually about +20 Saturation does the trick.

Now, your picture is well saturated.


Sometimes that is all that is needed on a picture, but your picture can still look dull at this stage. Try one of these handy tips:

– Create a new layer, fill it with white and change the layer style to “Overlay”. Then reduce the opacity to around 27%.

– Create a new layer, draw around the highlights of the picture in white and change the layer style to “Overlay”. Then reduce the opacity to around 27%.

– Create a new layer, fill it with orange/yellow and change the layer style to “Overlay”. Then reduce the opacity to around 25% Then reduce the saturation of the background layer to make the picture slightly sepia.

– Add a grunge fill or add noise to your picture to give a film-grain effect.

All of these methods can be used to create stunning pictures. Here are examples of what can be done:

example 1


example 2


example 3


example 4

Have fun! Don’t forget to try new things and experiment. The worst thing that can happen is for you to press “Undo”!

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