Photo Manipulation: Plant that Can Eat You

In this tutorial I will show you how to turn a seemingly nice little plant into a plant that could rip your hand off.

First lets gather our materials

Open up your plant photo and cut the main part of the plant out using whatever method is easiest for you. I experimented with using a layer mask and a quick mask but the easiest method for me was to use the pen tool so that is what I did.

Cut and paste that back in your image.

Now I am going to cut the plant in half so I can make it look like it has jaws. So use your pen tool to make a selection around one half of the plant like this

Now make it a selection and cut and paste it back on the canvas

After pasting it back in use ctrl+t to transform the object. Hold down ctrl after that and rotate it around to look like it has an open mouth.

Position it to where it looks the best

Time to fill in the white space that is left after cutting out the mouth. Grab your brush tool and pick the blue color closest to the white space and paint in back in the layer with the blue background.

Now that is filled in so we can merge the layers back together.

Just highlight your 3 layers, right click and select merge layers

I need to fix my plant up a little bit because when I moved the bottom jaw it doesn’t look like it is part of the plant near the stem.

So duplicate your layer so we have a backup in case you mess up. I am going to zoom in and use the smudge tool to make the plant look more real.

That looks like it did the job pretty well for me

Now its time to add the teeth so open up your animal teeth picture. I am going to extract the teeth with the pen tool

After you cut the teeth out paste them in our plant image and place them over the plant like this

I want the teeth to be more green so I am going to use the outline of the teeth to copy a portion of the plant and blend it with the teeth.

Hold down ctrl and click on the little icon beside your teeth layer

That will make a selection around the teeth

Click on your plant layer and copy the selection and paste it back over the teeth. You can see the plant over the teeth in the next screenshot.

Highlight your 2 layers and drag them into the blue area and set your top layer to the color blending mode.

I am going to edit the teeth layer a bit to make the top portion more straight across by using a soft eraser brush

Here are my newly shaped teeth

Now I am going to position them at the top of the plant and rotate them to align with the jaws.

To add the rest of the teeth I am going to copy some of the teeth we already have and position them all the way down the plant.

After I finished the teeth on the top I merged all of the layers I used to make the teeth together then duplicated them for the bottom. I flipped them horizontally and rotated them 180 degrees for the bottom jaw.

I am sure you notice how some of the plant is out of focus, but now the teeth we put in aren’t. To make this look like it is actually part of the image we need to blur the back teeth on the top and the bottom. Pick the layers, copy the teeth you want to blur by using a selection tool then go to filter>>blur>>blur more. Use that a few times.

Here is how mine looks:

Now I will add the unsuspecting bug and we are done! I also just found some other bugs from a stock photo site and added them.

Thanks for reading!

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