Palm Waives WebOS Development Fee

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Palm isn’t in great shape; financial analysts have set price targets of zero, Radio Shack is phasing out the Pre and Pixi smartphones, and Twitter just succeeded in stealing a Palm employee.  Still, there’s good news for developers, as Palm’s waived a $99 fee.

Greg Kumparak wrote yesterday, “Looking to capture the hearts and minds of developers everywhere who might not otherwise give webOS a chance, Palm is now waiving the $99 dollar fee associated with publishing apps on the platform.”

Just act soon if you intend to act at all, because Kumparak continued, “The catch: Palm says it’s only for a limited time.  In other words, it’s almost certainly a test run.  If their development numbers spike, they’ll probably keep it free; if there’s not much of a change, it’s not worth giving away something they could be selling.”

So this is perhaps a nice opportunity for developers who are on their toes to get a little ahead of the competition.

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By Doug Caverly

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