Palm Launches Developer Competition

Palm has announced its Hot Apps Program, which will reward developers of the most popular webOS applications with a total of $1 million.

The developer of the free webOS applications that’s downloaded the most between February 1, 2010 and May 31 will receive $100,000.

The developer of the paid-for webOS that generates the most revenue during the same period will also receive $100,000.

Developers of other top free and paid apps will also receive cash awards, as follows:

  • The next 20 apps in each category: $10,000 each
  • The next 200 apps in each category: $1,000 each

To qualify apps must be available to webOS users via Palm distribution programs between February 1 and May 31.

The app must have been developed using the Palm webOS Software Development Kit or the Ares Integrated Development Environment. Since the Palm webOS Plug-in Development Kit is not widely available, applications utilizing this development kit or any APIs not in the Palm webOS SDK are ineligible.

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By Mike Sachoff

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