9,000+ Android Apps Created In March

The rate at which Android apps are created is starting to resemble the pace at which YouTube videos are uploaded (24 hours’ worth per minute) insofar as there’s no possible way that any user can keep up.  The evidence: new data claims 9,308 apps were made in March.

That number comes from AndroLib, and represents a big increase over the February level (5,532 apps).  It’s big enough to be scary, really.

Consumers must be facing a bewildering array of options.  Developers must be facing an extremely competitive market.  That’s going to make certain things tough for people on both sides, although this bit of news is probably good overall.

People aren’t going to shy away from Android phones because there are a lot of apps available, after all.  This just means that developers might have to start trying harder to promote their apps in order to stand out from the crowd.

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By Doug Caverly

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