Oracle Releases SQL Developer 2.1

In an effort to improve developer productivity and simplify Oracle Database development, Oracle has introduced Oracle SQL Developer Release 2.1, the latest release of its database development and migration tool.

Oracle SQL Developer Release 2.1 offers two new features, PL/SQL Unit Testing and Data Modeler Viewer.

Oracle SQL Developer Release 2.1 offers a unit-testing framework that allows developers to build and share unit test suites that can run in batch mode and from command line against different databases. PL/SQL Unit Testing offers database developers prebuilt capabilities to develop and run regression tests for their database code leading to higher quality database development while reducing the need for writing scripts and unit testing.

“The addition of PL/SQL Unit Testing sets Oracle SQL Developer apart from many other database development tools,” said Mike Hichwa, vice president of Software Development, Oracle.

“We know virtually every Oracle Database customer uses PL/SQL, and having a robust unit testing framework will allow our customers to reduce cost and improve the quality of their releases.”

Oracle SQL Developer also features a Data Modeler Viewer, read-only access to the recently introduced Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. This allows developers, data modelers, IT architects and others to use the tool to open and browse data models built with the standalone Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler as well as view their schema objects by dragging tables onto a model diagram.

By Mike Sachoff

Mike is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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