Oracle Finds Itself Facing A New Challenger: SAP

April 10th, 2012 will be an interesting day. According to an SAP release, that is the day it will announce it’s plans to compete directly with Oracle, claiming they will “become a leading database vendor.” Reuters report seems to believe the move will involve SAP’s HANA software. The software is a in-memory based system and allows uses to “query multiple types of data sources at speeds and in volumes like never before.” SAP released HANA in December, 2010 and since exceeded their goal, pulling in $208M in sales.

Oracle, on the other hand, announced their in-memory system, Exalytics, in October of 2011, nearly two years later to an unimpressed audience. While Oracle has come out on top in previous database wars, it seems they may face more of a challenge this time. It’s unclear at this point how IBM and Microsoft will react to the news. They’re remaining silent.

As the companies are already in a court battle involving defunct SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow, and while the jury decided in Oracle’s favor, the real jury (the customers) may be deadlocked until April.

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By Trevor Boland

Trevor is a staff writer for the iEntry Network.

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