One Of A Kind Birthday Card

Learn how to make part your picture look like it is out of bounds of the frame.

Let’s make a unique birthday card for someone special!

Open a new document. The first thing we are going to do is make our star brush. I did this using a combination of brushes, and at different sizes.

I used these brushes and just scared a few of each in a small square:

Now we need to save our brush. Go to Edit > Define Brush. Name it whatever you want, mine is starbrush.

Open a new document, pick whatever background color you want. Here is mine:

Create a new layer. Set your foreground color to white. Click back on your brush tool. Now, select your brush you created:

Now go to Shape Dynamics under your Brush Presets. I used these settings:

Now go to your scatter options. You can set it to whatever you like. Mine was really high since I had so many stars and shapes.

You can also set the spacing if you want:

Remember you are just making the background so you can make it look like whatever you want. use your brackets on your keyboard to make the stars larger and smaller. Here is mine:

Just save that for now. Next we will work on our pictures. Here are the three I used:

I cropped them all out using the magic wand and eraser.

I placed them on my document and added these styles to each one:

Outer Glow


This is what I have so far

Ok, now we will put some boxes around the girls to make them stand out better.

All I did was take my rectangle tool, draw boxes around each one. And I added a stroke. Then I also made my opacity of the boxes lower, to about 54%.

Next step is to add text. These were my settings:

I also added a drop shadow, with just the default settings.

For the finished product I added a stroke around the star layer.

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