Olympic Google Doodle Hurdles Game Based Off QWOP

The 2012 Summer Olympics have been taking the world by storm, where millions have been cheering on their home country a well as the athletes who are coming this year’s Olympics. Many brands have also been getting involved with the Olympic hype, which helps keep viewers motivated and involved with the current summer games. One of the most well-known brands helping with Olympic involvement is the search engine giant Google, providing a “Google Doodle” for each day that the games have been held.

Most of the time, Google’s Doodles have been a static graphic; however, just recently, the Google Doodles paying homage to the Olympics have been providing you with interactive game that you can play using the cursor keys on your keyboard. WebProNews, a sister site to FlashNewz has been archiving the Google Doodles since the Olympic games have started. To see their archive of Olympic-themed Google Doodles, click here.

On August 7th, 2012, Google highlighted the hurdle event by placing an interactive hurdle game as the Google Doodle. The hurdle-based Google Doodle (shown below) was based on QWOP, the well-known hurdling Flash game provided by Foddy, where the user interacts (via ActionScript) with the game by using the keyboard keys of Q, W, O, and P to control the dynamics of the athlete as he/she races.

Along with the hurdle-based Google Doodle, did you know that you could use a game controller with it? If you are interested in playing the hurdles game with a game controller, click here to find out how it can be utilized.

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By Chad Sweely

Chad Sweely is a staff writer and Flash Designer for FlashNewz.

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