Nokia Introduces N900 – Mobile Computer With Phone App Option

Most mobile devices are touted by their developers as being phones, with some computer related apps available to use. Nokia, on the other hand is stating their N900 line is a mobile computer which has a phone application option.

The N900 is powered by Maemo, a Linux based platform. With Maemo, Nokia is able to include a wide variety of apps and services not available on many mobile phones.

The N900 comes standard with 32GB of internal storage, with options to expand with a memory card. A fully function touch screen, with a QWERY keyboard is included. The device uses proprietary Ovi services, and there is a large selection of apps on the Ovi Store.

The device comes unlocked, so you can use it with any carrier utilizing GSM. The Nokia N900 retails for $569, and is currently available for purchase.

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