Nokia Makes Multiple Changes For Devs

Developers who specialize in mobile apps but have chosen not to work with Nokia were given several reasons to change their minds today.  Nokia made the process simpler and cheaper with five rather significant decisions.

A post on Nokia Conversations, which is the official Nokia blog, summed them up as follows: “Availability of the Nokia Qt Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.0,” “Individuals can now register as Ovi Publishers,” “Public beta of Nokia signing Symbian apps for free,” “Availability of Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian,” and “Ovi Store intake for Qt apps.”

That should spare developers a first-time-signup-fee of $215.  Plus, it means lone developers and small groups can go neck-and-neck with more official organizations.

Of course, some may decide that, in a long-term sense, Nokia’s doing too little, too late.  Apple and Google appear to be on their way to dominating the mobile market in most respects.

Still, Nokia enjoys quite a large following for the time being, so developers who aren’t fixated on what might happen five or ten years down the line could benefit from these changes in a big way.

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By Doug Caverly

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