Ninja Girl Part 3

This week’s tutorial is Part 3 of Our three part tutorial. In Part 1 we created the ninja girl. In Part 2 we will continue by creating her shield and background. Now Part 3 we will create her weapon. Below is the final image with all three parts included:

Let’s Begin. First find a weapon you like, I chose The Relentless Edge from World of Warcraft my own guilty pleasure. Your can download the weapon I used here. Using the pentool make a selection for your weapon (Note: If the weapon is symetrical you only need one half.)

Next rotate your weapon so it is at a 90° angle. Again grab your pentool. This time make selections of each part of the weapon. I started from Blade to Pummeler but that is up to you.

Since I am starting with the blade let’s begin by seting the weapon layer to 50%. Then make a new layer. Using the pentool make a selection of the whole weapon. If you chose a gameing blade like I did using some creative lisence and smooth out he sharp angles to make it look more fluid. Finally CTRL+Click on the work path to make a selection and fill it with #a9a1ac or what ever color suits your weapon if you chose something different.

Make a new layer. Again using the pen tool make a selection of the next piece of the weapong like before. Follow the collors contained in your weapon or chose as you go whatever looks best to you. Below you will see each layer as I make them. To speed the process you can make selections of like colors so you do not waste time.

Now that you have all the colors added highlight your weapon guide. Move that layer above the other weapon layers you made then go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

Now select all the layers that make the weapon if you chose somthing symetrical and duplicate those layers. Then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Holding the Shift key move the new piece over and line both halves up, use the zoom tool to make sure it is lined up perfectly. Finally merge the coresponding layers together (i.e. ~ layer 85 with layer 85 copy). Set the desaturated layer’s Blend to Hard Light.

Then select the teal layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, Set the blur to 2.0 and Hit OK.

Make a new Layer. Fill it with #31263a. Now grab your brush tool and make some white makers for the center of the jewel in the Pummler, and for the five teal balls in the blade. Then go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare. Choose the 105mm Prime lens and use these settings (The jewel 50%, the two outter balls 10%, the center ball 50%, the ball below that 15%, and the bottom one at 30%. Set the layer to Linear Light at 40% fill. Then CTRL+Click the desaturated layer and cut the selection from the lens flare layer. Delete the excess layer and merge the weapon layers.

Finally move the weapon to position using the rotate tool to whatever angle you like best. then finally add an Inner shadow with no distance and a Size of thirty. And you are finished I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did creating it.

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