Nexage Platform Reaches Milestone

Nexage a provider of mobile advertising tools for publishers and app developers, has announced it has reached 100 percent uptime for more than one year on its platform.

Nexage products work across mobile web sites and BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, and Android applications, processing ~4 Billion impressions monthly. While the platform’s scalability has been documented in previously issued statements, this is the first time that the Nexage platform has crossed the 1-year 100% uptime milestone.

“It is our belief that innovation should never come at the expense of reliability,” stated Ernie Cormier, CEO & President of Nexage.

“After all, what’s the point of launching a product or platform that no one can reliably use? Nexage products and platform are designed and architected to support our long-term vision of being the leading supply-side platform, and every product launches with the expectation that it can support where the industry will be 6-12 months from now, not a current test market.”

By Mike Sachoff

Mike is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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