Newspaper and Magazine Inspired WordPress Themes

A little while back we covered some professional WordPress looking themes. Here are five WordPress themes that are based on newspapers or magazine layouts.

Basic 2.0

Basic 2.0 as it’s name implies is a very basic layout. Not only is the layout very basic but it is also very clean. Every section of the layout can clearly be defined but still flows very well together. When looking at this theme, it feels as if you are looking at a virtual version of your local newspaper.

Basic 2.0 WordPress theme screen shot

Max Magazine

Max Magazine’s design reminds me of CNN’s former design ( from around 2006 with a’s color scheme. The layout provides a clean design, which includes room for images to compliment your articles, simple previews for your articles, and even spaces for ads that don’t overwhelm the entire design.

Max Magazine WordPress theme screen shot

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ComFy Magazine

ComFy Magazine was designed by the same creator(s) of Max Magazine. This is another great design, which provides a clean layout to display a lot of information. One of the “features” that ComFy Magazine provides is the ability to break your articles into smaller sub-categories, which allows you to display multiple articles on one page.

Comfy Magazine WordPress theme screen shot

Red Carpet Magazine

This is another design from Deluxe Themes, which is very good magazine inspired theme. The layout for this theme is a little busier then the other two themes we have seen from this designer. It seems as if the design inspiration came from an entertainment site. This would be a great theme if you want your site to be graphic heavy, yet still be very readable.

Red Carpet Magazine WordPress theme screen shot

Young Corn

Young Corn’s theme is a great mix between a news site and a default WordPress designs. Like many WordPress designed, this one still keeps the larger preview of an article which is common in most WordPress themes, but like many news sites the design allows you to break the content up into categories, and even prove a featured article. The theme’s layout is very simple, and very clean, which makes it easy to navigate the site.

Young Corn WordPress theme screen shot

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