New Website Created For Facebook Developers

For the longest time, developers of Facebook apps were met with the same ol’ Web site when they visited the official Facebook Developers portal. Now those same developers are in for a treat as Facebook has decided to give its developer portal a complete makeover.

Facebook Developers announced today on its blog that it completely remodeled its Web site to make it easier for you, the developer, to find what you’re looking for. The services they offer, including API documentation and app submissions, have also been completely revamped.

Here’s what the new landing page looks like:

Facebook Developers Gets A New Web Site

Facebook says the new design will make the following easier:

  • Manage your apps and configure Facebook integrations
  • Navigate our improved documentation
  • Submit your app to Facebook App Center with a simplified flow
  • Find and report bugs with a faster response turnaround
  • Learn about the latest updates and news relevant to you on our homepage

Oh, and before you go running off to check it out for yourself, here’s what the new app dashboard looks like:

Facebook Developers Gets A New Web Site

You can check out the new Web site here. If you don’t see it yet, Facebook says that it’s slowly rolling it out right now. Everybody should start seeing the new site within the next few weeks. When you do get the new site, you’ll be greeted with a tour of all the changes. Afterwards, Facebook welcomes any and all feedback developers may have.

[Image: Facebook Developers]


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