New Version of YAP Includes OpenSocial Improvements

Today Yahoo announced the release of Yahoo Application Platform (YAP) Version 2.1, which includes improvements to integrate OpenSocial 0.9 and the Shindig backbone support into YAP.

The company says this eases the migration of an app from one OpenSocial container to another and greatly reduces the barrier for entry for existing OpenSocial developers.

“All existing YAP applications that were built using our old dashboard system will be automatically migrated to the new OpenSocial Gadget XML format,” says Yahoo’s Jonathan LeBlanc. “This means that they will continue to run as they do today, without any code changes on your part.”

The upgrade is designed to let developers:

– modify your application via a gadget XML file hosted on your server

– take full advantage of the OpenSocial APIs

– increase your application’s portability to other OpenSocial-compliant containers

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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