New Update For Facebook SDK On Android

In mid-September, Facebook released a new iOS SDK to coincide with the release of iOS 7. The Android SDK will most likely receive a similar update later this month with the expected launch of Android 4.4, but developers can take advantage of a new SDK update now as well.

Facebook announced this morning that its Android SDK has now been updated to version 3.5.2. It’s a minor update that includes a bug fix for a possible exception in activateApp() when running older versions of the Facebook app for Android. You can grab the newest version of the SDK here.

As for other updates, Facebook announced earlier this week that it now offers new mobile app ads to developers. These new mobile app ads come in the following forms: Open Link, Use App, Shop Now, Watch Video, Listen Now, Book Now and Play Game. The hope is that these ads will drive further engagement with mobile apps that use Facebook’s mobile SDK.

Facebook is also adding more insights to its App Insights page to include Login Dialog and App Center conversions. The former will keep track of the number of users who sign up for your app via Facebook while the latter will keep track of the number of users that are driven to your app through App Center. You can check out some best practices for Login Dialog here, and for App Center here.

On a final note, Facebook has now released its talks at Unite regarding how game developers can integrate Facebook into their Unity applications through the Facebook SDK for Unity. There are three talks in total:

Facebook SDK For Unity on iOS

Facebook SDK for Unity on Android

Facebook SDK for Unity on Facebook Canvas

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