New Unibody Macs Receive A Screen Upgrade

If you purchased a 13″ Unibody MacBook in the past few days, then you are the proud owner of a brand spanking, updated screen. If you own one of the older models, you’re probably cursing and asking yourself why you didn’t wait.  Seth Weintraub, over at ComputerWorld was the first to report on this new model. After taking a look at pictures,  and reading various responses to the news, I’m not too sure there’s that big of a difference.

According to Weintraub’s research, the new Unibody Macbooks have the exact same screen that the MacBook Air has. The screen provides better quality colors, black blacks, and better washout reduction. If you’re interested to see if you have one of the new screens, Weintraub has a walkthrough to check your screen’s model number.

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