New Tool Gauges Payment App Security

Integrated payment firm Payment Processing, Inc. (PPI) has introduced a new online tool that allows software developers to conduct a short survey, leading to a Payment Application Risk Score.

The score’s meaning is explained to the developer, and potential next steps are provided. PPI says the tool is timely because on July 1, 2010 mandates stating that acquirers must ensure their merchants, VNPs and agents use only compliant applications.

“PPI is dedicated to ensuring our software developer partners have every tool available to them to process integrated payments in an increasingly complex landscape,” commented PPI Executive Vice President Chuck Riegel.

“Understanding how vulnerable they are to cardholder data theft is the first step. Removing the threat of theft is the objective and PPI is out in front of the industry with products and services that address that goal.”

By Mike Sachoff

Mike is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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