New Tags For Publishers Added To Facebook’s Open Graph

Facebook announced the launch of two new Open Graph tags for publishers and journalists (OG:Publisher and OG:Author). These allow publishers and story authors to get more organic likes and follows.

“As mentioned in our documentation, media publishers should include Open Graph tags in their article’s HTML to generate better previews of their content when shared on Facebook,” notes Facebook’s Voja Katich in a blog post.

That documentation can be found here.

With the publisher tag, a publisher can link an article to its Facebook page, and when the article is shared in the News Feed, a “Like” button is displayed so people can like the actual Page. The author tag works pretty much the same way, except instead of a “Like” button or the Page, it includes a “Follow” button for the author’s Facebook profile.

Follow tag

The buttons only appear for those who haven’t already liked the page or followed the author.

In the same blog post, Facebook also announced that it is adding new requirements to make it easier for the company to review apps and Open Graph submissions. There are also some updates to using the Facebook Android SDK with ProGuard and the Graph API for events page posts. Read about the updates here.


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By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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