New Developer Portal Launched By Amazon

Since its launch, developers have had to submit apps to the Amazon Appstore through a developer portal that has remained largely unchanged over the years. Change is good, however, and Amazon is approaching its developer portal with a change-centric mindset going into 2014.

Amazon revealed this morning that it has completely redesigned its developer portal to make it easier for developers to submit apps, find documentation and more. The retailer says that its new developer portal has been designed with the following in mind:

  • Get Started: If you have an Android app, you can simply drop your APK in our updated testing widget to get Appstore compatibility test results in just seconds. Once your app is ready, you can create a free developer account and submit it using the Developer Console.
  • Access the Latest Amazon APIs: Download the free Amazon Mobile App SDK for access to APIs and services that can enhance your apps and games, help you monetize them, and engage your audience across Android and iOS platforms.
  • Find the Content that Matters: The new site includes a wide variety of support resources to help you through the development process including documentation, development tools, marketing tips, promotional tools, videos, case studies, blog posts and one of my favorites, a schedule of upcoming training events.

Of all the changes, Amazon has a number of specific changes that developers should be aware of. First off, the app submission form has been updated to make it easier for developers to find out if their Android .apk is compatible with the Appstore. Just drag and drop the .apk into the submission portal and it will tell you right away if it’s compatible.

To make it easier on developers, Amazon has created a page that has all the Appstore APIs, including in-app purchasing, mobile ads, GameCircle and more. Speaking of GameCircle, there is also now a dedicated page for game developers with links to all the tools needed to make a great game for the Amazon Appstore.

There’s a lot more for developers to find on the new developer portal, including resources for mobile and PC developers. You can find out more here.

Check out the video below to see some of the changes:


By Zach Walton

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