New Additions to iTunes 9

iTunes 9

If you haven’t downloaded iTunes 9 yet, then you’re missing out on one of the larger updates for the program. With the latest update, iTunes 9 adds features and a redesign that many of have welcome with open arms thus far.

Something that people have complained about in regards of music going online is the lack of album covers, as there have been classics through the years. With iTunes 9, album covers make a big return and in some interactive ways. With an iTunes album cover you can find animated lyrics, videos, check our band photos, and a slew of other bonus materials that bands can add to their interactive album case.

Another big feature implemented with iTunes 9 is the ability to ‘home share’. This addition allows you to have five computers sharing on a networking all the music that is on the separate computers. This goes for iTunes purchases as well.

Along with the interactive album covers, movie purchases will have some extra features included as well. When you buy a movie from the iTunes store you get special features much like a DVD. There are interviews, trailers, and other special features you’ve grown to know on DVD’s.

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