Neustar Launches Cloud Service

Neustar has launched its Neustar Intelligent Cloud service that will provide a single connection point between content providers, application developers and mobile operators.

The Neustar Intelligent Cloud is a OneAPI compliant service that will include the following :

*Discovery and Mobile Intelligence Services – Allows for the integration of location, presence and other network intelligence information for enriched, personalized mobile services.

*Cross-Operator Services – Enables the delivery of SMS and MMS messaging, flexible billing and payment options, along with a virtually fenced-off geographic location and other network-based services across disparate operator networks.

*Privacy Management – Provides critical management of customer opt-in, location privacy notice and other necessary tools to ensure regulatory compliance.

“The mobile marketplace is changing rapidly and Neustar is helping operators, content providers, developers, and enterprises capitalize on these strategic opportunities – with one connection, one agreement and one provider,” said Steve Edwards, senior vice president, Carrier Services, for Neustar.

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By Mike Sachoff

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