Nerd Out and Create Your Own Comic Book Signature

Ok, we are all nerdy in some way. Everyone is a fan of something that doesn’t quite score them any social points. For me, it’s comic books. And I’m guessing there are those of you who are reading this that like to get lost in the art and stories that comics provide. Therefore, we’re going to create a signature that shows off love for comics.

In keeping with Halloween we’re going to use some other worldly characters. Those of the villainous type. So, here we go.

First, start out with a standard size signature. I’m going with 540×110. Since we’re dealing with villains you’ll want to use a darker color. I went ahead and made it black.

Comic Sig Picture 1

Our first step will have you letting and go and just getting wild with your imagination. If you have a wide assortment of brushes, then put them to use for creating a back ground. I recommend some ominous colors, and just go crazy. Here’s my sig background:

Comic Sig Picture 2

Now, we’re going to add our first villain. The nether realm bad guy, Dormammu. Finding a good picture isn’t too hard for most of these guys. Now, go ahead and use your magic wand tool to select only the character and subtract the background. Now position the character so he’s situated somewhere on your signature that makes sense. For Dormammu he’s going to rest on the left.

Comic Sig Picture 3

Moving onto our next villain, Bizarro, I’m going to bring him to the forefront as he’s as big menacing design. Grab a good pic of Bizarro. Using your magic wand tool again, select only the character

Comic Sig Picture 4

Then drag him over and position him so he’s larger and in front of the previous villain.

Comic Sig Picture 5

Go ahead and add the villains you want. Just be sure to save room on the right for your villain team name. Here’s the sig with my entire villain team on it.

Comic Sig Picture 6

Ok, now let’s move onto the text. We’re calling this team ‘The Other Side of Darkness’. So, I’m going to use color each word corresponding to the set of each villain. To make sure that all the text is legible, here’s an Outer Glow option to use.

Comic Sig Picture 7

Here’s the final product of ‘The Other Side of Darkness’ villain team. So, get out there and create your own comic book signatures and spread the good will of the art.

Comic Sig Picture 8

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