Neon-Inspired Logo

This tutorial will show you how to convert your logo into a neon sign inspired design.

You can really make your logo glow by overlapping a couple intense colors on a dark background. Sounds simple, because it is.

Step 1: Getting Your Logo Ready

First off, we need have a logo to work with. If you already have your logo in path form, then you’re one step ahead – if not, we need to convert our text into a Work Path.

Type out your text.

Make the font a little larger than what you’re going to need, you can always scale it down later. Better to have it a little too big, than too small.

In your menu, go to Layers>Text>Create Work Path.

Go to your Paths window, double click on your new Work Path, and then rename it whatever you like. Hit OK.

Now, we have our outlines!

We only want single lines for this process to work right. See how right now they look kind of like block letter outlines? We want to delete some of the points on each of the letters to make it a little more sleek.

To delete the lines, choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool in your tools. Hold down CTRL when clicking on the shapes to activate that particular shape. Once activated, click on the point you want to delete. Hit the delete button. You may have to click off of the shape again to be able to select another point you want. The active point will appear to be a solid grey square, as the other ones will look like they are hollow, just outlines.

**Here’s a tip for doing this: If you disconnect the line you want fully removed from the letter, you just have to click on it and then delete a couple times in a row to make it disappear.

We officially have our lines ready to go!

Step 2: Applying the Lines

You’re going to be utilizing the Paint Brush tool, and the Paths and Layers window during this part.

Make you text layer invisible, there’s no reason to see it anymore, but you don’t have to delete it, you may need it later for something else. I personally like to keep back-ups unless I know I absolutely won’t need them again.

Create three new layers in your Layers window. Select the bottom of the three. Click on your Paths window, and select the logo’s path we just made. Now, select the Paint Brush in your tools. Choose the size 1, Hard Round brush at 100% opacity. Make it a bright yellowy green color.

Here are the colors I used:

Right-click on your logo’s Path and choose “Stroke Path”. When the little box pops up, be sure the “Simulate Pressure” box is UNCHECKED. Click OK.

Go back to your Layers window and select the next layer up.

Change your Paint Brush size to about 2 or 3px. Change the green color to a little darker color. Right-click on the same Path and choose Stroke Path again. This time, make sure the “Simulate Pressure” box is CHECKED. This will make the ends of the lines fade out, and the middle parts appear thicker.

Select the top most of the three layers, go back to the Paths window. Change the color to a lighter blue color. Keep the size of the brush the same as the previous layer. Right-click, Stroke Path, with Simulate Pressure checked.

In the paths window, click off of the logo’s path so you don’t see the lines anymore. Go back to your Layers window.

Step 3: Some Final Touches

Merge your three layers together. Duplicate the layer, then flip it vertically, lining it up at the bottom of the original logo.

Make sure your upside-down logo is on a layer below your actual logo. This is going to act as a reflection.

Select the Eraser tool. Soft Round brush, about 300 in size, 100% opacity. Carefully erase bits of the logo at a time, doing it in lines. Start a little lower than you want erased. Click, hold down SHIFT, and drag your mouse across the logo to erase in a straight line. Repeat this a couple times until you get the effect you like.

Want it to appear as though it’s in space? Use the Rectangular Marquee tool and select a large space around your logo. Create a new layer, making sure it is under all of your logo layers. Fill it in with black, then go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise. Make it about 75% and Uniform. Click OK.

Desaturate. CTRL+SHIFT+U (Image>Adjustments>Desaturate). This will remove all of the color from that layer.

Adjust the levels. Bring the left-hand slider in some to make the darks more dark, and slide the right-hand slider in some to make the lights more light. This will make it look like a star field!

If you want the star field to look like a reflection as well, you’ll just have to repeat the steps we did earlier for the logo’s reflection. It’s all up to you.


By Kirin Knapp

Kirin Knapp is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network, publishing company of FlashNewz. A flash animator and illustrator, she is the creator of her home site,

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