MyVu Crystal Media Viewer

So yea, you can view videos and movies on your iPod Touch or iPhone. The screen can sometimes leave a little to be desired. How can I enjoy Braveheart with a 3.5 inch screen? MyVu Crystal Media Viewer is your answer.

MyVu Crystal Media Viewer


– Full VGA Quality
– 4 Hour Battery Life
– USB Mini cable for battery recharge
– Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA
– 24 bit color depth

Items in the box

The MyVu Headset
In ear headphones
2 extra pairs of ear buds
Microfiber sleever, also can be used as cloth
Cable for connecting to iPhone or iPod Touch

What I Like: My favorite thing about the media viewer is that it does what it claims. When you plug the glasses in, you’ll see a bright and vibrant screen to view. The display resolution is crisp, and the colors are vibrant. The USB connector for charging is really handy.

The body of the glasses aren’t too bulky either, and transfer from place to place really well.

What I didn’t Like: The technology is fantastic, but like many great things is expensive. If you have $300 you’re looking to burn then fine, but for most that’s quite a steep price tag. If you don’t like ear buds then you don’t have any other choice for your audio output.

Depending on your head size, and nose structure the glasses can be quite uncomfortable. There’s very little adjustment. The glasses can emit a glare if you’re sitting somewhere in direct sunlight.

Bottom Line: With the MyVu Crystal Media Viewer, I recommend you pick some up if you are in with some money. It does everything that it claims to do, and was definitely impressive. There are a couple of negatives that could keep you from using the glasses. I would recommend finding them somewhere that you can try them on.

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