MySQL Pocket Reference Book Review

So do you like to read? Or are you a programmer which like to have something in your hands to look at?  Are you a Web Developer who know MySQL Basic, but the Online Manual sucks?

MySQL Pocket Reference 2nd Edition
MySQL Pocket Reference 2nd Edition

Recently I bought MySQL Pocket Reference 2nd Edition from barnes and noble at a bargain price of $1.99, yes $1.99; received it today.  The condition is very good and looks like the book was never opened ever.  (Already got a stain in it on accidentally, thats what happens when you eat at your computer :D).  This book covers all the way up to the latest Major Release of MySQL which is 5 and 5.1.  The introduction simply states the use of the book which is telling the reader it is a reference book and wont teach you how to use mysql.

First section starts you off on how to set up MySQL on your OS (Windows, Mac and Unix OS’s).  Then it splits up the information into sections such as:

  • Command Line Tools
  • Data Types
  • Base SQL ( Which includes Case Sensitivity, Literals, Identifiers, etc..)
  • Operators
  • Functions
  • Storage Data and more

The book on its own is fantastic which shows you a base description of just about everything, it’s like an offline manual, and explains some things with examples. (Such as the “BEGIN” clause)  If you can find it for cheap check out Barnes and Noble, I recommend it to any one who is learning MySQL (which I am) or who already knows MySQL, but likes a quick reference by their side.

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